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Transformation Sessions can be done on a pay as you go basis, whenever you like, or if you want to have an intensive process for transformation, once or twice per week, you can purchase the pre-pay, pre-book package of 4 sessions (to be used by one person within 30 days) and save $100! These are offered in addition to the Transformation Coaching options below.


Transformation Coaching – Your Launching Pad to Living the Life of Your Dreams

There are 3 specific coaching program options available. Click on the option to learn more: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

Transformation Coaching is great tool to use to get really focused and clear on what it is you want for yourself and it is a wonderful way to get really centred, to hone your skills, discover your strengths and clear the blocks that stand between you and your desires.

Transformation Coaching is the tool of the powerful and successful in this world and it is available to you! Fortune 500 companies, billionaires, performers, executives, athletes, and others (including me) use coaching to take themselves to the next level. They recognize the power of having someone, outside of themselves and their family or friends, take a look at what they are doing in their lives and help them to transcend blockages that are preventing them from attaining their greatest self ever. A coach is someone impartial who will help you to course correct and tweak the areas that are out of alignment and who will help you to attain that which you are reaching for quicker and more efficiently, while feeling empowered throughout the process.

Transformation Coaching is the best avenue to transformation that anyone can take, even you! Karen’s approach to Transformation Coaching is done from a holistic sense. Her belief is that people are already successful and that they simply need help to access that success and pull it into their lives. As the holistic process unfolds, you will find Karen taking you into all areas of your mind and your life to help you unravel old patterns and beliefs and replace them with powerful new tools for transformation.

Karen Popoff will create a tailor-made, unique Transformation Coaching process just for you, based upon who you are, what your needs are and where you would like to go within the transformation coaching process. She will take you into a process that gently and effectively provokes change while providing comfort and safety as the process unfolds.

It is Karen’s belief that no one will venture toward change/transformation unless their mental being, also known as their brain, is in full cooperation and understanding of what is going on, or where they are heading. This is why Karen relies upon her extensive understanding of brain development, brain function and how human behavior is formed and transformed and she helps you and your brain to understand that as well.

This approach provides Karen’s clients a sense of security as they delve further into change rather than provoking fear in them, which would have them fight off change. Karen will help you to release old and ineffective methods of functioning in your world so that you can embrace a new perspective, a new paradigm, which creates a whole new approach in your life. With this comes a sense of transformation, which will allow you to truly begin to achieve your goals.

Transformation Coaching comes from the ancient ways of learning, where a person would work with and often live with a Master in their field, so that they could learn, understand and live the knowledge of the Master. Karen Popoff is a Master of Transformation and working with her feels as if you are magically propelled into new and profound places in your life.

Make no mistake Transformation Coaching is not a magical solution that can solve all of your areas of concerns instantly. Your transformation requires your focus, dedication and effort. Karen will ask you for your commitment to the process. If you truly are not interested in change/transformation, then you may be better suited to another form of coach. Karen’s gift is in helping people transform themselves and therefore transform their lives. With this transformation people are better able to attain the life of their dreams.

Although working with Karen does seem to take on a magical quality, there is a need for you as the client, to reach for your new life with a passion and commitment equal to the passion and commitment that Karen will put into working with you. Your success depends upon you and your efforts and always will. Karen simply makes the journey fun, interesting, powerful, imaginative and transformative. She will help you to achieve the gold medal of happiness, fulfillment, success and transformation in any area of your life, all you have to do is call to get the process started!

Choose From 3 Levels of Transformation Coaching Packages

Option 3

Monthly Group Transformation Coaching Program:

Karen offers her clients a Monthly Group Coaching option when they would like to experience her work in a less formal fashion than using one of the individual coaching programs available. This package offers people an opportunity to attend a group-call via teleseminar, where Karen will work with the group and individuals within the group, on pre-selected areas of focus once per month.

Since this is a group dynamic, it is clear that Karen will be unable to create a specifically tailored package for each attendee. The group dynamic is a wonderful place to hear about and learn about many different challenges people face and how to overcome them in a powerful and transformative way.

Clients of this process frequently comment that although the subject brought forward by another attendee did not at first appear to be applicable to them, that by the time Karen finished working through the area of focus, they themselves felt a ‘clearing of perspective’ for themselves and their own dynamic.

Change can happen rapidly and yet it is also known that change comes about when we allow our brain to learn a whole new approach over time. With this is mind, you will be asked to make a minimum 4 month commitment in the program. After the 4 month, you may stay in the program month to month.

If you are interested in joining the Group Coaching Program, simply email Karen and she will help you get started.

Option 2

Prestige Transformation Coaching

The Prestige Transformation Coaching process is an intensive, life altering, awe-inspiring one-on-one private coaching process. It is here that Karen will create your own personalized coaching program and where you will be taken into an intensive coaching experience, which is designed especially for you.

You will be asked to make a minimum of a 6 month commitment to this program. Karen finds that people often hit barriers somewhere around the 90 day mark, of any change/transformation they are undergoing. Karen says that this is often a key time for growth and development; however it is also intensely provocative and can bring up a lot of feelings and emotions that threaten to derail the person and their pursuit of change. This is a key time when people unconsciously abandon their dreams and return to what they have always done before.

Karen is determined to ensure that her clients succeed in creating long-term, sustainable change for themselves. Thus it is a priority for her to work with her clients through this stage, so that they learn how to spot it and overcome it quickly, easily and efficiently for themselves. This helps to ensure long-term success for her clients.

Prestige Transformation Coaching Includes:

• Two 30-minute calls per month with Karen Popoff The Transformationalist
• One 1-hour Transformation session per month, either in person or via phone, with Karen Popoff The Transformationalist

Option 1

The Commitment! Transformation Coaching

The Commitment! is a premium coaching program which it designed for you, about you and is a deep dive coaching program for only those who are committed to their excellence and living the life of their dreams. This package includes everything that the Elite Transformation Coaching program includes and so much more! This is Karen’s Platinum level coaching program; the best of the best!

The Commitment! is a full life transformation program which will require focus on every area of your life. This is more than achieving success only in your career, or only in your relationships. This is about creating the full life of your dreams, in every way possible.

The Commitment! requires your commitment of 1 year. This option is a premium program open to only 6 people at a time. You will be required to complete a detailed application process to be accepted into this deep transformation program. 

The Commitment! Transformation Coaching Package Includes:

• Three 30-minute Transformation coaching calls each month with Karen Popoff
• One 1-hour Transformation session, each month either in person or by phone with Karen Popoff
• Admission for one to The REM State – Where Dreams Come True! (See Program page for more info)
• Admission for one to Dreams Do Come True! (See Program page for more info)
• Option to attend monthly group coaching calls at no additional cost

In Summary:

If you truly want to get lasting, long-term change, real results that stick around, then you have to make the full commitment to yourself and to your future.

There are many people who say they want to change and yet there are few who are willing to do the work required to change. Whatever you want to improve upon requires a full commitment, with the right decisions being made, moment to moment and a focus being held on attaining full mastery, in order to achieve the success you are seeking. This is what is required for anyone wanting to live the life of their dreams.

If you want an extraordinary shift to the quality of your life you need to set yourself up to win. You need to set yourself up with a process that allows you to consistently grow, change, develop and thrive. This is what personal coaching offers to you. This is the power of working with a personal trainer for your life. This is the commitment that is necessary to achieve the transformation you desire!

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