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"My pledge is to help you create long-term, sustainable change! Using my gifts as an Intuitive Healer, I can help you to banish your 'sad', so that you can live your 'happy'! Isn't it time for you to live the life of your dreams? 

Whether you choose to work with me in a private session, or by attending one of my lectures or programs, your choice to work with me will revolutionize your life! Contact me today, I can help you!"

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About Karen's Talents

Coming from a long lineage of Russian intuitives, it came as no surprise to anyone that Karen displayed an incredible gift of psychic and healing ability very early in childhood. Her ability to see and understand the energy of the future and her innate ability to heal and transform people's lives became quickly evident.

As an adult Karen continued to develop her powerful skill of reading and wielding energy to create change, healing and transformation. Her ability to inspire a paradigm shift of transformation in people, when nothing else seemed to be helping these people, is one of the reasons she has loyal clients all over the world!

Karen knows that the true magic in her work lies in her ability to gently expose The Truth, which is the root of all healing. The Truth is used as a release point for her clients, which helps to activate healing of the emotional, physical, spiritual and/or mental pain that they are experiencing in their lives.

In addition to her private and group sessions, Karen has developed several powerful, life changing programs which run throughout the year. Watch her events and calendar area for upcoming dates and event information.

There is Magic and Power in The Truth. This is the Science of Transformation™. Karen Popoff is The Bringer of Truth. Karen Popoff is The Transformationalist™.


What is a Transformationalist?

The name  'The Transformationalist™' was given to Karen because of her innate ability to help people transform their lives by helping people to see the full Truth of what they are living. As 'The Transformationalist™', Karen's work is to act as a gentle, yet highly effective catalyst, to bring forth change. Her gifts have been described as "wonderfully provocative” and affect all aspects of a person's life. People have often commented that merely being in Karen's presence or focused thought, has brought transformation forward for them in their lives.

As a highly skilled intuitive, Karen's process is to help identify what is blocking a person's progress and to help that person come to an understanding of why they are blocked in this way. Once she does this, she then shows the person how to transcend the block so that they may move forward in their lives.

Karen helps her clients to begin to see things differently, thus shifting their mindset also known as thought patterns, which allows them to open to new possibilities. It is here, that transformation can occur.

Karen's clients are gently guided to begin to think outside of their normal thinking box, so that they may see alternative ways of approaching their situation. The result is a powerful 'aha moment' of deep awareness and a full recognition of the truth, which brings with it positive change on all levels.

Many people have had the experience of working with a traditional therapist or counsellor and have worked with their clinical practitioner for many sessions prior to seeing a shift in paradigm for themselves. When these same people have come to work with Karen, they have often been heard to exclaim, "I've been working on this with my therapist for years and in one session you have released me!"

Karen's work transcends the norm here because she works on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic areas of a person, all at one time. The process of working with a person's whole system can allow for a shift in paradigm in as little as one 1-hour session.

As a result, Karen's clients are able to progress further towards their full potential of self, faster. The transformation that people experience has often been described as, 'awe-inspiring', leaving the person with their hope restored and their own sense of self-empowerment refreshed.

Whether you choose to work with Karen, in a private session, or by attending one of her lectures, programs or workshops, your choice to work with The Transformationalist™, will revolutionize your life.