Energy Healings

When a person books a healing, they are really booking an experience of love, light, energy, and a deeper sense of self. In a holistic sense, healings address all states of the human being.

We are much more than matter. Each of us has a Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical energetic system. These energetic systems are referred to as the Etheric System.

When our etheric system is working in harmony with one another, then we are in a holistic sense of wellness. What that means is, the Spirit is communicating to the Mental etheric, which in turn is listening and acting out the Spirit's request through the physical manifestation. Thus the spirit is doing what the Spirit is here to do. The person is living and following their Spiritual Journey.

When the Spirit is speaking and the mental is not listening, the Spirit goes into a state of unease. It is this state of unease that hooks onto the emotional baggage each of us carries. When this hook occurs, disease in the physical can manifest.

Working as a 'Medical Intuitive', Karen brings in her transformational techniques, to assist her clients to understand what the unease is and where it locked in.

Using her psychic abilities, Karen can help to find the energetic lock that is caused by the Spirit's state of unease. She helps to identify why it is hooked on and what the emotional wound is that locked it on. Then she can help to release the hook and remove the blockage of energy where the illness is.

Karen uses the healing energy from God/Source to help release her client from whatever the client's malady may be. It takes energy to move energy and that is what occurs in healings that Karen does. From Karen's perspective, this is the basis of effective Spiritual Healing.

Through an in depth process combining old wisdom and teachings with powerful energetic healing systems, Karen will assist you to understand the physical malady as it applies to your emotional wounds. She will assist you in releasing those blocks so that you may begin to heal and repair on a deep personal level.

Please note, Karen cannot, nor will she ever promise her clients that she will 'cure' them. Results vary from client to client. Although many people have reported that they have experienced improvements working with Karen, your eventual health cannot be predicted nor promised.

During the healing process, if a person is dealing with a life threatening illness, they will be asked if they truly wish to live. Sometimes the person will answer that no that they do not wish to live. In those times Karen will assist with helping the client to accept their decision and to prepare for their transition from the physical into the energetic self, which is the process of death. Karen will provide full etheric system support to assist a person to be at peace as they face their death and then she will assist energetically after they pass over, to help the spirit to go home.

There is a type of Healing that occurs no matter whether a person chooses to live their life or to exit their life and come back to do their spiritual journey at another time. It is in the witnessing of their choice where the healing begins.

A healing is the realignment on the etheric level. No matter whether a person is dealing with problems in the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual areas of their health, there is help for them.

Karen's clients come away from having had a healing feeling a new sense of calmness, clarity, purposefulness, peacefulness and hope (see Testimonials for client comments). Although no promises are ever made and results vary from client to client, many clients report remarkable results from this work.

There have been many reports from past clientele, of successful healings of the maladies they presented with to work with Karen. Many of Karen's clients who have sought out her healing skills have returned for ongoing assistance to learn how to maintain their etheric alignment for themselves.

Karen's belief is that all people who are healing must be proactive on their own behalf. It is very important that anyone working with Karen in this capacity continue to work with their medical and alternative health care practitioners. It is this combined effort that ensures a thorough approach to addressing all levels of our health, which is what 'Holistic Healing' is all about.

All sessions are recorded for your convenience. Within 24 hours following your session the mp3 recording will be emailed to you. Karen's sessions are jam packed with valuable information. She highly recommends that you listen to the recording at least once after you receive it.