Transformation Sessions


Transformation sessions are perfect for anyone who is seeking change, ready for change and who knows they are ready for more joy and success in their life! LIke a dagger of truth I help people to slay their limiting beliefs to release stress and manifest money, success and relationships!

These sessions are all about helping you to transform areas of your life where you are up against a block or repeating patterns that don't serve you. Perhaps you have spent a lot of time and effort working to improve an area or areas of your life, only you haven't seen the results and progress that you would have liked to have seen by now. These sessions help you to access the truth of what holds you locked in your dynamic and then with Karen's help you are brought to a place where you can release the energetic hold and belief systems that hold you trapped in your old ways. This releases your energy to flow correctly, thus allowing for a personal transformation to occur.

Transformation sessions are set up to help you to shift your paradigm. When you have a shift in paradigm, a transformation of self takes place, which helps you to move forward in your life more closely aligned with your Spirit's reason for being here. 

In addition to working in energy, Karen uses her intuitive skills to pull forth the perfect information for you to understand your situation fully. She then harnesses your attention by providing you with clear information of why you are stuck in the ways you are stuck and what you can do to step out of the cycle once and for all. Karen's extensive knowledge in brain development and human behaviour, provide a perfect knowledge base from which to draw upon, to help her clients make long term, sustainable change happen in their lives. 

In a gentle and truthful fashion Karen will help navigate you toward your true calling. She will act as a gentle, yet powerful catalyst to expose truth and bring on the transformation and  the movement that you are longing to have in your life.

If you are ready for true transformational help and you are ready to access and activate your true potential, then Karen Popoff The Transformationalist is your transformation specialist! Call her now to book your session!  

Transformation Sessions can be done on a pay as you go basis, whenever you like, or if you want to have an intensive process for transformation, once or twice per week, you can purchase the pre-pay, pre-book package of 4 sesssions (to be used by one person within 30 days) and save $100!

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