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    My pledge is to help you create 

    long-term, sustainable change

    Using my gifts as an Intuitive Healer,

    I can help you banish your 'sad', 

    so that you can live your 'happy'!

    Isn't it time for you to live 

    the life of your dreams? 

    Contact me today and I will help you! 

    Phone: 604.688.0010 

    email: karen@thetransformationalist.com





"I have had the privilege of working with Karen over an extended period of time.  Through this time, I have made discoveries I didn't know existed.  Many conversations moved me through a space that I didn't know was there...problems that weren't even apparent.  The relief that I feel after a meeting with Karen can't be explained with words.  I gather excitement for my future and tools to excel in this lifetime.  I look back at the beginning of our time together and define my utter ignorance as bliss at the pure unadulterated success that lay before me.  I am forever grateful to Karen for her time and gentle guidance."

Crystal Wells, Witchita Kansas

Facebook Post by Jennifer Scott-Reid  "REM State where Dreams Come True-fantastic course Thank you Karen! What Dreams may come..." 

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